1. Make sure to set JBOSS_HOME as a system environment variable pointing to the JBoss installation directory
  2. Add a system environment variable NOPAUSE=1
    Alternatively edit the last line of both standalone.bat (domain.bat) / jboss-cli.bat
    and remove this line:
    if "x%NOPAUSE%" == "x" pause
  3. Open a cmd.exe window
  4. execute a “set JBOSS_HOME=...
    (not needed if you open the cmd.exe after you have added the system env. var)
  5. Installing the service, enter the below on one line:
prunsrv //IS//JBossEAP6 --DisplayName="JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6" --LogLevel=DEBUG --LogPath=%JBOSS_HOME%standalonelog --LogPrefix=service --StdOutput=auto --StdError=auto --StartMode=exe --StartImage=cmd.exe --StartPath=%JBOSS_HOME%/bin ++StartParams="/c standalone.bat" --StopMode=exe --StopImage=cmd.exe --StopPath=%JBOSS_HOME%/bin ++StopParams="/c jboss-cli.bat --connect command=:shutdown"
  1. You should now have a service installed that you can manually start/stop from the Services window.
    Set to automatic is so required.

Should you need to remove the service, use this:
prunsrv //DS//JBossEAP6